Miserwe 17Pcs Makeup Brushes Set

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  • [Professional Makeup Brush Set] Our make-up brush set not only looks great, but also helps you make the most of your cosmetics. This set of brushes has been carefully designed with 14 brushes, each of which can provide you with a professional experience and meet your needs for makeup. From big to small, from flat to rounded. The design features of each makeup brush will make your makeup more perfect. You don’t need to find a professional makeup artist to get makeup, you can get a delicate make-u
  • [Stylish & Eye-catching] This set of makeup brushes looks so stylish and eye-catching, it is a must-have for your cosmetics collection. Ideal for all occasions: birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. Bring the best surprises to your lover or friend!
  • [High Quality & Comfortable] All our brushes are 100% free of residue, very soft and hypoallergenic. Our hand-made brushes are made of high-quality synthetic bristles that are super soft, full, fluffy and comfortable to touch. The handles are made of high quality wood to give you the most comfortable makeup experience.
  • [Lightweight & Effective& Portable] We designed an elegant cosmetic bag to hold the makeup brush. Great for travel and storage. Lightweight and portable, saving you space in your bag. At the same time, the kit contains special tools to help you clean your makeup brush and save time.
  • [Warranty] A one year replacement warranty means your purchase is protected. We provide 24-hour friendly customer service and are dedicated to help you solve any problems.


14 makeup brushes to meet all your makeup needs. The makeup brush handle is made of high quality wood for a comfortable feel; the thick bristles make it easier to grab and mix cosmetics, perfect for your makeup time.
It is perfect for makeup beginners and professional makeup lovers. Suitable for a variety of cosmetics such as powder, cream, liquid; a variety of hair brush to create a variety of makeup effects: contours, shadows, fluorescence and so on.
The ideal gift: For those who like makeup, it is trustworthy. They are easy to use and of good quality.
Makeup brush set list:
1 *Powder Brush
1 *Multi-Function Brush
1 *Blush Brush
1 *Foundation Brush
1 *Face Flat Brush
1 *Precision Flat Brush
1 *Mini Flame Brush
1 *Angle Shadow Brush
1 *Small Shader Brush
1 *Large Shader Brush
1 *Precision Crease Brush
1 *Concealer Brush
1 *Small Eyebrow Brush
1 *Eyelash And Eyebrow Brush
1 *Makeup Sponges – Commonly used for various kinds of cosmetics
1 *Brush Washing Egg – Very useful tool to clean your brush bristles thoroughly.
1 *High quality gray PU leather bag

194 reviews for Miserwe 17Pcs Makeup Brushes Set

  1. Alexandra Alvarado

    It is amazing quality for a great price!

  2. Emily Belmont

    I like the options of brushes. They don’t shed they have good pay out they’re just overall a great product.

  3. Anna Simsim

    Nothing hidden about the products, they feel pretty standard quality. The only thing I would probably worry about is the paint on the handles wearing off but other than that they seem great!

  4. Steph

    The brushes are so soft for smooth transitions!

  5. Sylvia Baca

    Just received product. Have only tried 3 brushes so far. They’re much better than others I’ve seen for more $. Although I do appreciate the card showing what each brush’s function is, it would be much better if each brush was numbered . The brushes for eyes look so similar it’s hard to figure out which is what.

  6. Ana Garcia

    Really impressed on how the brushes looked and the quality is great.

  7. Meredith TheAlmond

    Very affordable and sheek, for the price this wonderful brush set came with a blender and a makeup cleaner it was perfect!

  8. Elizabeth Wager

    Very nice quality brushes. They do have a funny smell to them. I am disappointed in how small the blender sponge is.

  9. Marta

    I really liked how it came with a brush cleaner and a variety of brushes I can use.

  10. Samantha Rushing

    I like that a brush cleaner is included and had not expected/noticed that it was included when ordering. I like that there is a bag to hold them and that the brushes come with a protective mesh over the brush heads.

  11. Wilma Taruc

    Just received and haven’t used all of the tools yet. So far it looks like a great price for all of the brushes you get.

  12. Linye’ Lewis

    The product came with a chemical smell. However after a wash the brushes and sponge smelled fine. The brush cleaner still smells a little funny on the inside but over time should wear off. Also the pouch has the same smell but should wear off as well. All of the pieces seem to be of good quality. I’m excited to try them out.

  13. Maisaa Smith

    It’s a great product and 3 of my friends have already ordered them

  14. Ivana M Santiago

    Great nice and soft…must buy nice case

  15. Marlise Calderon

    They are very nicely packaged and super soft.

  16. Rachel Neve

    I am new to makeup brushes and this kit seemed like a good all-in-one for me to start out with. So far I like them. Very soft.

  17. Ofelia Pacheco

    It is a great value for the price.

  18. Kristina Minarechova

    Very nice soft brushes. I can’t wait to use it.

  19. Indira K Mardis

    I love the variety this contains and I love the fact that they come neatly packed. Would recommend to a friend or family member.

  20. Jennifer Mifflin

    Love all of the many brushes and brush holder!!!

  21. Monica Roa

    Love the feel and shape of all brushes!

  22. Jasmine Castillo

    The packaging was great, along with the bags and how careful to keep the products in great shape they were. I absolutely loved them!

  23. Raissa Matos

    Love them!! They are very soft for my sensitive skin! Will recommend to others.

  24. Yenireth Polo FL1

    i love to
    moment to make up its softness the quality when washing them, helps
    better manage my products by
    put them on

  25. Christie Lee

    Its very clean and the brushes seem like good quality so far. They don’t fall out and apply makeup well.

  26. Annabelle Zinn

    I really like the packaging and the design of this product. I think that I will be satisfied with my purchase

  27. Tiera Herring

    It’s a good product thank you so much!

  28. Courtney Keith

    I love this product, they’re so soft

  29. Megan Hall

    They are very soft, nice design. I love the bag, its very cute. The brushes apply my makeup very well. They blend very nicely. And they also had a very great price with fast shipping.

  30. Lynatte Davila

    I absolutely love it and it’s so soft and works amazing.

  31. Bethany Lynn Aitchison

    Very soft, slight smell when unpacked byer gone very quickly. Great product. Ordering for my girls!

  32. Brianna villalobos

    This a good quality and nice brush bridles

  33. Kaitlyn Garcia

    I just received them and haven’t used yet. I live the design. The brushes have a strong smell so I hope when I clean them that it goes away

  34. Oski

    &hjjjjhh dunston jaric broc broc grind grid setter Ingrid eifert Huggins Grover gruver

  35. Estera Hughes

    The brushes seem to be soft and the bag case was a nice add

  36. Jill Brewer

    The brushes are soft and you get a good variety. A good buy!

  37. Shari Thom

    I like that the brushes don’t shed

  38. Christie Jensen

    Great price and amazing quality!

  39. Morgan Heflin

    Very efficient and beautiful look to it! Love the brush cleaner it comes with!

  40. Cayenne Ross

    Brushes are soft & they work really well.

  41. Julisa Aragon

    I used it today for my makeup and I have to say I love it so far. The bristles are soft and firm all in the right ways. And the color of the brushes are stunning.

  42. Sarah

    Idk what to say it’s okay I guess mmmwksjssjbghanaananankajna

  43. Meghan Randolph

    Looks great so far!! Just purchased and haven’t used the brushes yet but so happy it came with a BrushEgg! Can’t wait to use it

  44. Maria Luna

    Love the bag with strap it is a nice addition!!

  45. Mary McDaniel

    The brushes are so soft and very pretty. Awesome buy!

  46. Xiao Qin Huang

    I love the brush is so soft, the package is so nice and comes with the sponge, bag and facial cleanser.
    It looks very well made..Also, the price is unbeatable!

  47. Susan Hammond

    Like the heavy-weight ziplock bag this is packaged in.

  48. D’Erricka Archie

    I love this product! Nice quality, pretty design, and most of all this product is very affordable.

  49. Jo Anne Christie

    The brush set is very professional and made well. Love the soft texture of the brush and all the varieties! The quality is higher than my expectation.

  50. Becky Lott

    Great, soft brushes. Good quality and wonderful brushes for the price paid.

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