Miserwe One Pair Boot Stretcher

(273 customer reviews)
  • 【BOOT STRETCHER】 Stretches the Width of boots Only,designed with Extra Long Shaft to Easily Stretch Boots!Every boot stretcher fit for both Right & Left Boots.
  • 【FIT SIZE】The boots stretcher fit women’s size 4.5-9.5;Men’s size 6-8
  • 【RELIEVE PAIN】This professional boot stretcher solve boot too small, squeeze feet, grinding feet and other issues,make your shoes fit well.
  • 【TARGETED STRETCHING】These included 8 bunion plugs and 2 pad plugs allow you to Loosen Multiple Small Areas inside your boot that may be causing you discomfort. Inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.
  • 【Warranty】We provide one and a half year warranty time.


273 reviews for Miserwe One Pair Boot Stretcher

  1. arianna peluffo

    Fits in my tall boots! So many different ways to use!

  2. Elaine Montambeau

    Just received to stretch the toe-box of a new pair of boots. Stretchers fit in easily and are easy ti move. Feels like a quality product.

  3. Nan Li

    Just started using it so not sure if it’s efficacy yet. However, the quality of the product seems good and sturdy.

  4. Allison Roam

    I’ll be finding out tomorrow moring how well it works. I would love to be able to wear my new boots without my toes going numb.

  5. Sarah Haskett

    It is well made but the pegs need to be shaped to fit snug against the stretcher.

  6. Margaret Ryan

    Easy to use. Works like advertised. Like the storage bag keeps everything in together.

  7. Dawnelle Cook

    Honestly I haven’t had a chance to see just how well this works yet but wanted to do the survey within the timeframe required. This product did have the boot holder and looks like a quality item upon arrival.

  8. Sheneen White

    Just received it haven’t been able to put product to the test


    I’m just now trying it out……

  10. Kitten Russell

    Just put into my boots today – hoping for good results!

  11. Sara Silva

    I haven’t used it enough to know

  12. Clint Vonheeder

    It seems to be a very good design and is working now as I write this comment.

  13. Linda Weissman

    I love the quality of the product and it is easy to use.

  14. Jori Sapper

    The boot stretchers worked fairly well; however the shape of the foot was not an exact fit for my flat ankle-boots.

  15. Carey Molin Gully

    It is difficult to keep in the boot. I wish that you carried a product that would stretch the length of a tall leather boot. I am currently stretching it by hand. All in all a well made product.

  16. Jeff Marsh

    Just got it, so not sure how well I am going to like it.

  17. Ginger Tipton

    I just tried it yesterday, so I will see tonight when i remove it from my boots

  18. Tiffany Smith

    Just received it. Was easy to install. Just hope it stretches out my ostrich skin boots!!

  19. Jessie Glodowski

    Hello, I do not have comments.

  20. Michelle Sutton

    I haven’t been able to see results yet, but it looks promising.

  21. Lindsey Kastenschmidt

    So far works great! I would recommend this to family and friends.

  22. Shirley Tanaka

    The product did the job and stretched boots where I wanted it stretched.

  23. Richard Martinez

    Will know in 24 hours when the boots are stretched. Although you provide accessories there is nothing telling me what the pink plastic is (hanger?)

  24. Katherine Davila

    I finally bought nice boots and I’m excited to try this product out to fit them perfectly to my feet. The reviews looked great and even after a couple hours with the stretchers in they already felt a bit better.

  25. Tabitha Opie

    I am great full for products like this. They don’t make wide shoes that often.

  26. Maisha Robertson-Pace

    Like how simple the instructions was. The process was simple on how to stretch boots.

  27. Leatrice Webb Adkisson

    So far everything is as I expected. It working great!

  28. Robin Proenneke

    I have a very expensive pair of cowboy boots that are too tight on my left foot since a bad sprain on that ankle. I was going to give the boots away until I discovered this product. I am looking forward to using the boot oil!

  29. Raynia McGee

    Came quickly and seemed easy to use.

  30. Anna Back

    It’s the perfect fit for any boots. I purchased this product because it can work with any of my boots I need to, from booties to tall boots.

  31. Nancy Charles

    I have the miserwe for shoes and really like the product, so now I ordered the one for boots!!!

  32. Claudia Mager

    Just took it out of the box – my rating is based on website ratings- only

  33. Amy Loft

    This is already broken and it has only been 1 day

  34. Lisa Winslow

    My first purchase for boot stretcher. Very well crafted, sturdy product. Seems like it will be the last one I buy!!

  35. Wendi craddock

    Have not used it yet but feels heavy and like a well made product.

  36. Crystal Mixson

    I just received the product so I don’t have an accurate comment right now

  37. Tonya L. Farmer

    My shoe repairman charges $40/boot to stretch my boots which would cost $80 for a pair. I now can do it myself.

  38. Andrew Shulman

    I like how versatile it is and how customizable the plugs are to each boot type.

  39. Jeremiah Stanley

    I just got this today but it seems to be ok. We’ll see how well it works. Thanks!

  40. Barbara E Dougherty

    So far, so good. Does what it claims to do and my boots are much more comfortable now!

  41. Lisa Humphrey

    Received this as a gift. Looking forward to using it.

  42. Frances Schickle

    Nice product, worked well for my new boots that were too narrow for my feet and I didn’t want to size up because then they would be too large. Would recommend.

  43. Beverly Cantrell

    I only received the product today so I have no results to base my answers on.

  44. Maria Toro

    Haven’t used it long enough to know how well it works, but seems well made

  45. Alaine Hardin

    It seems to be doing a good job.

  46. Isaura Salazar

    Now, I can wear my boots, I love this product and I will definitely recommend it

  47. Carol Callaway

    Easy to use. Fits nicely in all my boots!

  48. Carlyn Leigh Pate

    It’s easy to use and is working great so far!

  49. Kelly L Hughes

    Only received product a few days ago. Product is very easy to use. Would definitely recommend.

  50. Natasha Engleman

    I love the boots stretcher kit I got! It’s a nice pink plastic that seems very durable and I will be using them for years to come. This is such an amazingly helpful kit with all the thoughtful extras included. Already thinking about purchasing for my family members and friends.

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