Miserwe One Pair Boot Stretcher

(273 customer reviews)
  • 【BOOT STRETCHER】 Stretches the Width of boots Only,designed with Extra Long Shaft to Easily Stretch Boots!Every boot stretcher fit for both Right & Left Boots.
  • 【FIT SIZE】The boots stretcher fit women’s size 4.5-9.5;Men’s size 6-8
  • 【RELIEVE PAIN】This professional boot stretcher solve boot too small, squeeze feet, grinding feet and other issues,make your shoes fit well.
  • 【TARGETED STRETCHING】These included 8 bunion plugs and 2 pad plugs allow you to Loosen Multiple Small Areas inside your boot that may be causing you discomfort. Inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.
  • 【Warranty】We provide one and a half year warranty time.


273 reviews for Miserwe One Pair Boot Stretcher

  1. Sharon D. Cohen

    I’m only now actually giving these a try. I don’t get how to position the instep part, though. Anyway, these seem like they will do the trick, but I won’t know for certain for a couple of days. Hopefully, they will make my cowboy boots fit like a comfy glove.

  2. Lori Johnson

    I love my boot stretchers! I have used them over and over again!! I have even shared them with friends and they have now purchased several pair! Great product!

  3. Rick Gard

    Used two times so far and don’t notice much stretch.

  4. Barb Murphy

    It helped to stretch my boots to give my high instep extra space. Thank you!

  5. Dubravka

    The design is great. The attachments are so necessary to have a nice fitting shoe for bunions or corns or wide feet. I think the color and heart shape are adorable. I’ll be using this product for many years to come.

  6. Wadeana Beveridge

    I really do like the boot stretcher but wish that it was able to get into the toe box a little further. I also would like to be able to have the top adjustment piece stay in place when I insert the stretcher. All in all, though, I do like the product!

  7. Kristin Nabors

    I received the boot stretcher yesterday and just now inserted it into my boots. I don’t have a leather stretcher spray but not sure if my boots are 100% leather either. I’ll try them on tomorrow and see if I notice a difference. I’m really hoping it works so I can use it in the future. You know us women…we love shoes!

  8. Caitlyn Beeler

    First of all love the color and the heart on the handle! I’m very impressed with it and I just received it today!

  9. Sue Hill

    Used it first thing. Wore the shoes the next day. I was so impressed Had the them on for 12 hrs with no problems. I would recommend to any one. Surprise to find out that it has a life time warranty.

  10. Amanda Smart

    Just started using it so we shall see. Hopefully it doesn’t take to long to stretch them out! 🙂

  11. Tameshia Harris

    Product seems ok.. i just received it and have to give it some time before I will know if I hate it or not. Seems easy enough to use and I can’t imagine it being difficult.

  12. Cara Marcellin

    I’m excited to start using this on my boots. I may wait I for the stretching spray to make sure it works.

  13. Alissa Tanaka

    This stretcher is very sturdy and has additional pieces to add on for problem areas, foot deformities or poorly made shoes. Now I can fix my shoes rather than give them away!!

  14. Samantha G Pope

    The product came promptly and all the parts were there. I have only used the product for a few days and am trying to stretch out my first pair of boots. I am looking forward to the results.

  15. Ashley Gauger

    I have bunions so your product will help relieve the boot in those areas.

  16. Desiree Caro

    I don’t know if it works yet, but it’s sturdy, functional and super cute.

  17. Monica valles

    It has worked good so far, plan on using on all my boots

  18. Fiesha Frost

    I love it, I will definitely recommend this product in the future to others. I can’t believe how it really works, now I do t have to return my shoes anymore.

  19. Shaquana Forester

    First time using a stretching but so far so good

  20. Kelley Michelle Baynes

    Very durable. They are much better than the wood ones! I’m
    Excited to see the results.

  21. Amanda Barkley

    Love this! I found some boots at a killer price that I couldn’t live without and of course they are too narrow. This boot stretcher us perfect for women’s boots in that it started very small to fit the smallest shoe and gets very large. So great!

  22. Felicia Catenacci

    This product worked wonders in stretching my boots. They were too tight. I used this for about 2 days and I can wear my boots with no problems.

  23. Rachelle Glunz

    I’m still working on stretching my boots but can already notice the product is working incredibly well!

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