Miserwe One Pair Boot Stretcher

(273 customer reviews)
  • 【BOOT STRETCHER】 Stretches the Width of boots Only,designed with Extra Long Shaft to Easily Stretch Boots!Every boot stretcher fit for both Right & Left Boots.
  • 【FIT SIZE】The boots stretcher fit women’s size 4.5-9.5;Men’s size 6-8
  • 【RELIEVE PAIN】This professional boot stretcher solve boot too small, squeeze feet, grinding feet and other issues,make your shoes fit well.
  • 【TARGETED STRETCHING】These included 8 bunion plugs and 2 pad plugs allow you to Loosen Multiple Small Areas inside your boot that may be causing you discomfort. Inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.
  • 【Warranty】We provide one and a half year warranty time.


273 reviews for Miserwe One Pair Boot Stretcher

  1. Christopher Clark Lunsford

    I am looking forward to using your product. It offers significantly more options than my previous kit. Thank you!

  2. Diocelinda DeLeon

    Just got it have not used it yet

  3. Alex Sain

    I haven’t had a chance to actually use it yet but I’m sure I’ll like it

  4. Marina Catala

    I recently started developing bunions but didn’t want to sacrifice my cute boots, so this is the perfect solution to preserve style AND comfort!

  5. Janet Rodgers

    I was pleased to see the quality of this product and all the accessories included with it. Directions were clearly written and easy to follow. I also liked the addition of the bunion plugs which help stretch specific areas. All and all, this was a good purchase for my needs.

  6. April Hope

    I just received this today! So far so good! Easy to use!

  7. Bridgett Trujillo

    Arrived timely. Placed them in my boots today, so I’ll update this review after 24-48 hours.

  8. Yvette Patrick

    I wish it would extend further into the boot. It doesn’t quite reach where I need it to on the one foot.

  9. Jo O’Rourke

    The fitting plugs were especially useful. I’ve used it to stretch out my Doc Marten brogues and also the instep of my steel-toed boots with the widest fitting. It’s definitely durable if it can handle tough DM leather.

  10. gayle davignon

    Your boot stretchers worked soooo good!!! Saved me from returning them because they were too tight.

  11. Veronica Coss

    I just got it so I have not had enough time to use it and make my decision if I like it . I’m using for cowboy boots

  12. Susana Visathep

    Worked great for my long rider boots. Gave it that extra stretch I needed.

  13. Nancy waugh

    Just got out of box. No directions were with it

  14. Felicia Stovall

    I would recommend this product to anyone who has just purchased a new pair of boots that are little tight and need to break them in.

  15. Lolita Lemelle

    This product is easy to use and I would recommend.

  16. Tiffany Lowery

    The product is very sturdy and reliable. I’m so excited that I don’t have to break shoes in anymore!

  17. Swanzetta Johnson

    No comments. Why am I required to add comments. I don’t have any comments to add. The product works

  18. Marni Levin

    I love the design and the quality feel. Can’t wait to get stretching!

  19. Miranda M Phillips

    So far so good. 8 just received it in the mail today

  20. Deborah Hardin

    I recently purchased new boots. They felt great in the store but after wearing them for a while they were too tight on my toes. I invested a good bit of money in these boots and wqnt to wear them a lot this winter. This product will save me the pain and time of breaking in and stretching them by wearing them. It is a great investment!

  21. Kim Haney

    Love the boot stretcher and love that it’s pink!!

  22. Heather Gotschall

    I wasn’t quite sure where to put the plugs but it worked. Thanks!

  23. josmi vinas foyle

    Look forward to using it. Best price on Amazon for a boot stretcher

  24. Monda M Boggs

    Didn’t know what the pink thing with the heart on top was, need to include that in details.

  25. Donald Clampet

    This is a great product easy to use would recommend it to everyone I know

  26. Jessica Rivera

    It’s a great product, however I need the spray for it to work as indicated.

  27. Sofía Argumedo

    It is so simple to use I just wished it could also stretch the shoe lengthwise

  28. Anna Huebner

    Haven’t used it long but seems to be stretching my shoes well.

  29. Bernadette McHugh

    I’ll share it with my husband and use it to stretch my boots and his shoes because he just had toe surgery.

  30. Michelle Ault

    I’m using this for my boots that have been too narrow to wear. Can’t wait to be able to wear them.

  31. stephanie smith

    love the packaging and everything that comes with it.

  32. Isaac Hong

    I wish that there is a boot stretcher that is not exclusively just for women.

  33. Bryce johnson

    Works great, easy to use, shipping was really fast good quality

  34. Lilah

    It works great so far! I especially like the black little pegs for the bunion since that is my problem area. I would highly recommend this to my friends and family

  35. LindaDoss

    A friend recommended this product

  36. Maylene Badgett

    I’ve tried them for 24 hours and can tell the difference already. I was thinking about the spray at the time of purchase, now the free gift will make me very happy.

  37. Wanda Howard

    Nice very quality I can’t wait to give it a try

  38. Sarah Slaninka

    Shipped fast and hoping it will fix a boot that is pinching my foot

  39. Janie Mayorga

    It was recommended by my daughter so I got one for myself and I bought one for my aunt also. I hope it works. We love boots and always have a problem with them fitting just right.

  40. Krystal Sawyer

    Affordable alternative to wooden shoe stretchers. Hope it works!

  41. Carla Churchil

    Great product, worked great on my boots. So glad I can wear them now.

  42. Lawanda Gross

    My first day using them is today because I just got them yesterday and they seem to be doing the job so far

  43. Ronette Pye

    So far so good, much needed to stretch my tight boots

  44. Christelle Galiano

    I can’t really answer the last 2 questions honestly. You gave me 14 days to fill out this registration form. I just put the boot stretchers on so I don’t even know if it’s going to work yet.

  45. Elizabeth Smith

    Great product and design. Great tool to have around for future use, I have wide feet. This stretcher will definitely help


    It’s a really good product. It does exactly what I need it too. My boots already feel better.

  47. Todd McCrickard

    A good product with a good design

  48. Michaela Hurdle

    I haven’t had this product for very long but it was very easy to set up. I’m hoping I can wear my boots painlessly again!

  49. Deven Farris

    The shapers would be better with more holes up top for shoes that rub toe knuckles:)

  50. Christine Ramsey

    I have used the product for 2 days and it has stretched my boots. I am going to use the shoe stretch spray to further enhance the stretching of my boots.

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