Miserwe One Pair Boot Stretcher

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  • 【BOOT STRETCHER】 Stretches the Width of boots Only,designed with Extra Long Shaft to Easily Stretch Boots!Every boot stretcher fit for both Right & Left Boots.
  • 【FIT SIZE】The boots stretcher fit women’s size 4.5-9.5;Men’s size 6-8
  • 【RELIEVE PAIN】This professional boot stretcher solve boot too small, squeeze feet, grinding feet and other issues,make your shoes fit well.
  • 【TARGETED STRETCHING】These included 8 bunion plugs and 2 pad plugs allow you to Loosen Multiple Small Areas inside your boot that may be causing you discomfort. Inserts to stretch targeted areas known to relieve pain associated with blisters, corns or bunions.
  • 【Warranty】We provide one and a half year warranty time.


270 reviews for Miserwe One Pair Boot Stretcher

  1. e

    Good quality, works well, I would recommend to others

  2. Rebecca Hutsell

    Bought to help break in Dr. Marten Boots, can’t wait to wear them!!!

  3. Stacy Gibson

    I wish it would have come with better instructions and a few ankle curve stretching wafers of various sizes.

  4. Monica Ramos

    I just received it so it’s hard to say how much I like/love it.

  5. Kelli

    Works good. I will be able to wear my shoes after surgery.

  6. Jodi woffington

    So far so good. It was easy to put in my boots. Now have to wait and see how they stretch.

  7. Diana

    It’s simple to use and has helped me fit more comfortably into my boots after stretching them for at least 2 days


    I have a very narrow foot and this boot stretch is perfect.

  9. Laveina Harris

    The product is very easy to use durable I would recommend it to all of my friends and family

  10. Marylynn Au

    This is a very affordable and functional product.

  11. Ross Borden

    Just got it. Will know more soon

  12. Gulnara Sorrenti

    Purchased for pull-on tall boots, but I like that it worked for my high heel shoes too.

  13. Christie Srenaski

    This seems well made and durable and the color is a plus as well

  14. Aiesha versoza

    I just started using it but so far I like it

  15. Amy Saini

    It is great and the item is easy to use and works wonderfully! I really enjoy the product.

  16. Lori A. McMillian

    The stretcher works as expected, but the part that goes on top to stretch across the top of the boot has no connecting points, which makes it useless. The attachments that go into the sides are very thick and have caused my boot to bulge in the areas where they were placed. Also not useful, the stretcher itself is fine.

  17. Rick Norona

    I bought these for kneee high boots. I do wish it would go ina little deeper and a little higher so it can stretch entirely and also a little more room to stretch wider.

  18. nazanin rezaei

    I have just received it so I don’t have any idea of how it performs. however I have read the reviews on Amazon before my purchase and I’m hoping it works just as well as theirs!

  19. Cara Bradbury

    Can’t wait to see. I just received this in the mail today

  20. Caitlin Davis

    Box wasn’t closed very well because it fell apart immediately and I almost lost pieces. I wish you had something to stretch out the calf area on boots too. But this worked great for the foot areas.



  22. Katherine Devenport

    Just got the product and have it at work stretching my boots! It appeared extremely sturdy and well made. Looking forward to putting on my boots tomorrow with comfort and ease!

  23. Skye bennett

    I bought this because I have a pair of boots I love but they kill my feet. I’m very confident this will do the trick.

  24. Pamela Tucci

    so far I like them. can’t figure out how to get them on the hanger without breaking the clips but other than that the stretchers seem to work

  25. Mercedi

    I love how easy to use it is! The black buttons fit a bit weird so I just left them off. Easy peasy

  26. Mimi Parrish

    It helps my shoes fit better and do not hurt my toes when I have them on all day

  27. MaryAnne Jeter

    So far I like the ease using this product.

  28. Marjorie Gentle

    My boot stretcher is very easy to use Great product the shipping time was very fast and the price is very reasonable

  29. Bridgette Sanlon

    I haven’t used it yet actually- I just got it today

  30. Kathy Cherry

    love it, just received it and have used it on my boots. I am expecting great results and will share my experience with others. Will check my boots tomorrow and cannot wait to wear them without my feet hurting

  31. JoAnne L Armstrong

    These boot stretchers work as advertised. Very happy that I can wear some of my very cool boots again, now that the stretcher has made it possible! Highly recommend!!!

  32. Megan Holzem

    I’m likely to share with my family because it seems like it will work and help with the pain. Also it was pretty cheap for boot stretchers and I like the pink color. In addition to that it came pretty fast. The main downfall so far if that the instructions are kind of confusing. Other than that I have been very satisfied so far.

  33. Dian Schmiedicke

    Confusing instructions about parts unclear.

  34. Danielle Raveh

    Have not tried it yet. Got good reviews, curious as to how long it will last, would love an option to bend/angle pole for different shoe styles (as seen on some wooden versions), would also like (if possible) an attachment for regular shoes (at back end) so it can be more universal and not just boots. Also Interested in a stretcher type product that could stretch out the leather boot leg part to make it wider for calf’s.

  35. Donna Smith

    My box arrived open so suggest taping both ends.

  36. Giuditta Ponticiello

    I like it it’s what it’s suppose to do
    So I’m happy with the product

  37. Giuditta Ponticiello

    Like it it works it made my boots bigger
    It’s easy to use

  38. Mark Nielsen

    Appears to work for what was intended

  39. Paul Agranoff

    I will know more after I’ve used it…

  40. Arielle Vilmont

    Love the aesthetic of the product can’t wait to use it hope it works as promised.

  41. Russell lohman

    Just received… but I like the quality of product and can’t wait to see if it works…

  42. Dale Foti

    Instructions are poor and I still don’t know how to use the pieces that do not attach.

  43. Katie Hunter

    I haven’t used product enough to make a final decision about my opinion.

  44. Michele Hichue

    Just wish the instructions were printed bigger and had more detail for using the accessories that come with it

  45. Phyllis Embrey

    I haven’t used it yet, but the design appears functional and the material feels sturdy.

  46. Rebekah Hummel

    So far so good. I just got the product so I’m not sure how well it works yet

  47. Diane Hartson

    I just received this product today and I am already using it on my first pair of boots that I have. I will know the results tomorrow. I am also looking forward to using the boot stretcher spary.

  48. Jacqueline Marie Monahan

    It was super easy to use and my boots stretched out perfectly!

  49. Shelyn Robinson

    I love that it comes with a bag to hold everything.

  50. Sharee Donaldson

    Easy to use. Beautiful design and great quality

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